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TextHere, make 3D post and post it in AR world. Many fantastic templates are in TextHere. Read posts from every TextHere user in real world, like and comment them.

[Make Post]

Make 3D post in TextHere. Thinking, feeling, mood, joke, story, all of them can be made a post. You can set the post to public or private. Write your first and unique post in TextHere right now!

[Post Template]

There are many templates and style can be chosen and applied for the 3D post. Change text color, bold the text, add beautiful background to the post, customize your text and let it become charming.

[Publish post]

Publish your created 3D post into real world with AR tech. Your post will exist in the fixed location and become a part of this earth. Every TextHere user can find and read your post when they come to this location.

[Post AR world]

Open TextHere, you can find the published posts from the camera. Walk close to the posts and read them, like them and follow the creators. In this post AR world, TextHere also provides radar for you, it guides you to find the posts if they are far away from you.

[Poster sharing]

You can create many cool posters in TextHere. It is very easy to create poster and also you can share your created beautiful posters to Facebook, Wechat etc.

[Post community]

TextHere provides many topics for you. Write a post in topic community and discuss with others. You can start a new topic in TextHere at any time.

[Permissions and privacy]

TextHere is an AR app, camera and location access is required for AR services. TextHere team takes great care and protects your information from misuse, loss and unauthorized access during using TextHere.


There is report feature in TextHere, click a post, you can report it if it contains objectionable content.

[Contact us]

Email: texthere@reball.io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TextHereApp