Rememball Description

Reality in the ball. Create and share AR memory balls in REMEMBALL, the #1 AR (Augmented Reality) social networking app in the world.

  • First AR journey 

Rememball presets some 3D cartoon characters in AR memory ball. Want adorable animals on your floor in a second? You can have pandas right away! Open Rememball, move phone to detect a flat surface, those real pandas will interact with you. Create memory ball with these cute pandas, it’s gonna be your first AR experience in Rememball.

Rememball is an Augmented Reality app available on iOS 11 with ARKit, new published iPhone such as iPhone 8 or iPhone X will have better AR experience in Rememball.

  • Create memory ball

Use Rememball to record every fantastic moment, create various 3D memory balls everywhere. When you want to recall these memories, get to that one and have fun. The more wonderful moments you gather, the more memory balls you have.

  • Remember good things all

Rememballs accompany you with your family and your children at any time. The real things fit the real world. It looks like people are just out there. Dive into your memory for immersive experience.

Rememball is easy to use, use Rememball to recall. Without wearing any VR (Virtual Reality) devices, such as VR glasses. You can use Rememball like playing AR games in 3D scene. It is amazing. Open Rememball, each single memory ball has target and arrow around. Follow the arrow and move your phone to recover the moment you created it. When you are close enough in right direction, the ball matches the real world, then it plays automatically.

Rememball is the best AR social networking app you have never seen before. Download and try it ASAP!

  • Send and share

You can share memory balls to Facebook, Instagram, etc. and also you can send them to individuals via Messenger or iMessage. Invite more friends to play together. 

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